We may have diverse backgrounds and beliefs, but we want the same things.

COVID-19 Response and Economic Stimulus

Dr. Michelle Au is poised to lead Georgia in its recovery efforts from the greatest public health and economic crisis in a century. She will fight to maximize revenues and budget resources to prioritize long-term recovery with investments in health, education, and job creation. She will push for Georgia to leverage federal aid, including Medicaid expansion to provide critical resources to our hospitals and public health departments.

Dr. Au will advocate for modernizing our tax code to fund our state budget, such as raising the tobacco tax to the national average and ending special interest tax breaks. She will fight against budget cuts to education and public health that will take over a lifetime to recuperate from and ultimately slow Georgia’s progress. In addition, Dr. Au supports the passage of the Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit to help low- and moderate-income households.

Health Care

As a physician with a master’s degree in public health, Dr. Michelle Au knows prescriptions and procedures can’t solve the systemic, underlying inequalities and barriers to access in our healthcare system. With a deep knowledge of patient needs and the public policy implications of our healthcare laws, Dr. Au is uniquely qualified to improve health care for all people in Georgia.

She believes reproductive care is healthcare, period. Dr. Au is keenly motivated to improve the deplorable maternal health outcomes in Georgia and will work to improve access to, affordability of, and funding for all aspects of reproductive healthcare. She will fight tenaciously to protect a women’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.

In the legislature, Dr. Au will fight for expanding Medicaid so that more Georgians can afford to go to the doctor and will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion to cover women and children’s health, as well as expanding the window of postpartum coverage under Medicaid provisions.

Economic Progress

Dr. Michelle Au believes working families deserve to thrive in Georgia’s economy. She knows when workers make good wages and have access to education and training, businesses can grow and everyone is better off. Investments in infrastructure, such as better roads, public transportation and broadband, will pay off for both workers and employers.

As a small business owner, Dr. Au supports policies that make it easier for small businesses to flourish; ensuring a fair approach to taxes, health care costs, and worker training. She understands that investment in the green economy – from expanding public transportation options and alternative fuel infrastructure to renewable energy and pollution clean-up – will help Georgia’s economy thrive for future generations.


As a resident of the metro area for 12 years, Dr. Michelle Au has witnessed the rapid increase of traffic in our district and has been frustrated by the lack of regional public transportation investments. While progress has been made during the last legislative session, there is still a lot more work to be done to ensure that metro Atlanta and Georgia adopts and fully funds viable transportation options. Dr. Au will work to expand public transit beyond Atlanta and will push for the state’s gas tax to be used for public transit projects. She will also work with local and county governments to fund regional public transportation projects.


Dr. Michelle Au has three children who attend public schools in Senate District 48. She believes all students in the district and throughout Georgia deserve the absolute best our education system can offer and is particularly committed to reducing the achievement gap for low-income students.

Dr. Au supports increased school funding, better teacher pay, and flexibility in testing. She will work to address inequalities in access, including smaller classrooms, wrap-around services, and eliminating discriminatory school discipline.

People Over Politics

Dr. Michelle Au will put the interests of families and the people of her district first. She will work to strengthen voting rights and voting integrity. She supports better gun safety laws, such as mandatory background checks and removing guns from the hands of domestic abusers. As a first generation Chinese American, she believes families belong together and will fight against laws that seek to discriminate against immigrants in our community. She will uphold the inherent dignity of all people, and believes women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community deserve equal treatment under the law.

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